The Bridge in Penrith

The last week of Easter Linn Iren got to help out at the youth café, called the Bridge, which the Methodist church are running in Penrith.
“The Bridge is a hang out place for youth from 11 till 18 in a café with music, computers, board games and a pool table. It was a fun week full of baking, candy shopping and pool trials. We really connected with the youth; they were open, friendly, really engaging and we had some pretty deep conversations. The best thing is that from now on I’ll get to spend time with them every Friday! I’ll be helping in the café with starting up an after school/pre-youth group café. The Bridge aim to provide a place for everyone to keep moving on your journey of life and faith; deepening relationships with others, deepening understanding and experience of God and deepening involvement in God’s mission and the life of the church. I’m really looking forward to spend more time with the youth and to continue building relationships!”

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