The end of an era

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This week we moved out of the GRACO. After using the GRACO as our office and meeting place for almost five years, we are now moving on. We’re moving because the people that have so kindly allowed us to use the GRACO for these years are now in the process of selling the land.

We started with an empty van

Which we soon filled!

And four (!! – Yes, we have had some incredible provision of what we’ve needed over the years!) van loads later, the GRACO was empty.

It was emotional. We have laughed and cried – so many people’s lives have been transformed in this place. We have many good memories! God has shown his goodness to us in so many ways during our years here.

And then we moved on.

We all had a go at carrying the drum set 😉

Thanks so much to all the wonderful people that helped!

It’s with thankfulness and expectation in our hearts that we move forward. It’s time for a new chapter to begin…

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