We believe in miracles

The first SOE in England for 18 years has started here at YWAM Carlisle! Here’s a testimony by Dixie, one of the trainees, of what God is already doing through the team:

‘We have been on some assignments for spreading the love of Jesus. Axel and I went out to find people to pray for healing. After asking quite a few people in the streets of Carlisle, we found a Christian older lady that wanted us to pray for her brother for healing that was not with her. So we did and then we asked if we could pray for her as she was walking with a cane. Joyce said that she had had a stroke and that her balance was very much affected and that is why she used the cane. After Axel prayed for her we had her check it out and she walked without the cane and declared that she was healed! We rejoiced and she walked away from us without her cane determined to call her brother to see if he had been healed as well. This was the first time Axel had prayed for healing for someone and they were instantly healed.

As we were headed back to the YWAM base the carosel was playing the song “I believe in miracles”. Now don’t go any further with that song because those were the only words we heard and started laughing about the goodness of God and the rest of the song is sort of dodgy.

Isn’t Jesus Awesome!!!’


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